It is one of the 11 municipalities of the province Mayabeque. At the same time, Quivicán is the name that receives the head of the municipality to which also the towns of La Salud (before 1976, municipality), San Felipe, Santa Monica, Güiro Boñigal, Pablo Noriega, among other rural settlements of less density population belong to. It is considered as one of the twenty oldest towns of all Cuba.

The municipality of Quivicán is located in the center of the southern karst plain Habana - Matanzas, at 82.5 degrees West longitude and 23.2 latitude North, 38 Km from the City of Havana. It limits to the North with the municipality of Bejucal, to the South with the Gulf of Batabanó, to the East with the municipalities San Jose de las Lajas and Batabanó and by the West with the municipalities of Guira de Melena and San Antonio de los Baños. It occupies a territorial extension of 284,6 Km2.

Main population centers

Its main population centers are: Quivicán, La Salud, San Felipe, Güiro Marrero, Güiro Boñigal; Santa Monica, Central Batey Pablo Noriega, Batey Central Fajardo, Villa Real, La Chapa, San Agustin and El Aguacate.


Quivicán, La Salud, Santa Monica, Aguacate, San Agustín, San Felipe, Central Pablo Noriega, Güiro Marrero, Güiro Muñigal.

Population in thousands of inhabitants

Its population towards the end of century XX, was of 29 677 inhabitants, for a density of 104 inhabitants per km2.

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