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It is a municipality of the province Mayabeque. It is a result of the administrative political division established in 1976 by agreement of the 1st Congress of the Communist Party in which the territories of the old term of Aguacate and Pipián, pertaining to San Nicolas of Bari, were grouped.

It is located in the northeast of the province of Mayabeque. It limits to the North with the municipalities of Jaruco and Santa Cruz del Norte., to the East with the municipalities Limonar and Union de Reyes of the province of Matanzas, to the South with the municipalities Nueva Paz, San Nicolas and Güines and to the West with the municipality San José de las Lajas.

It has an area of 463.1 Km2 that represents the 8.1% of the surface of this province.

Madruga urban settlement functions as the head of the municipality, this is located south-west of the municipal area and is composed of the Madruga and Boris Luis Popular Councils.

Other popular councils of the municipality are: Aguacate, Pipián, Boris Luis, Villena and Flor de Itabo.


30 741 inhabitants and a population density of 66.3 hab / km2.

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