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It is the Cuban agency in charge of directing, executing and controlling the State's and Government's policy on science, technology, environment and the use of nuclear energy, favoring the coherent integration of these in the sustainable development of the country.

In addition to the powers common to all agencies of the central administration of the state, it has the following specific functions and functions:

* Propose and evaluate the strategy and the scientific and technological policies in accordance with the economic and social development of the country, establishing the objectives, priorities, lines and programs that correspond and directing and controlling their execution.

* To direct and control the process of elaboration, execution and evaluation of the programs of scientific research and technological innovation.

* Promote and facilitate the participation of the scientific community in the elaboration and evaluation of science and technology strategies and policies.

* Propose the strategy and policies to be followed for the process of drawing up the plan and budget for science and technological innovation in accordance with the priorities approved

* Distribute and control, as the case may be, the execution of the approved budget for national, branch and territorial priorities.

* To direct, coordinate and control, as the case may be, the process of integration of scientific, technological, productive and other factors into the generation and use of scientific and technical knowledge, through scientific poles, thematic fronts and other forms of Integration related to prioritized activities.

* Coordinate the integration of other factors such as the Youth Technical Brigades, the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers and the Forum of Science and Technology.

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