Havana, Cuba_ A multimedia exhibition inaugurated in the capital of all Cubans, evokes the friendship between the people of Cuba and Venezuela and the top leaders of their revolutions, Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Chávez, respectively, Prensa Latina publishes.

Friendship represents one of the highest feelings of the human being, and if something symbolizes that elevated form of love is the relationship between these two great men, assured the Venezuelan ambassador in Cuba, Ali Rodriguez, when inaugurating the exhibition in the House of the ALBA Cultural.

Photographs, texts and videos recall key moments of the friendship cultivated between these historical revolutionaries who shared the ideal of a united America and gave to work to make true the dream of the Venezuelan Simón Bolivar and the Cuban Apostle José Martí.

Chávez confessed himself many times as Fidel's son and therefore son of Martí, Rodríguez recalled, while the general manager in Cuba of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Luis Morillo, confirmed the pride of evoking Chavez as a hurricane.

The exhibition illustrates from the first arrival to Havana in 1994 of a young Venezuelan soldier until his innumerable visits like Commander and president of his South American country.

It also highlights the role of Cuba in denouncing the coup d'état in Venezuela to the world in 2002, played by the bourgeoisie in collusion with the media and the support of the US and Spanish governments.

The exhibition allows appreciating two human beings, Chavez and Fidel, joking, funny, generous, dreamers, who treated themselves as brothers, strengthened the ties of cooperation between their countries and relied primarily on strategic areas such as education and health.

An example of this was the creation in 2002, on the initiative of Chavez, of the educational mission Yo si puedo, and in 2004 of the Miracle Mission that to date has helped to recover the vision to more than three million 470 thousand patients in the world.

Both leaders founded in 2004 the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), to which later other Latin American and Caribbean nations joined.

The legacy of these two great men and the mutual affection and for the peoples of America is more than evident in this exhibition, with which it wishes to remember the fourth anniversary of Chavez’ death, happened on March 5, 2013.

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