For great men there are no armored barriers or waterproof vultures. Fraternal friendship, white and simple, is even stronger, if it hangs between two giants of the history: Fidel and Chávez narrowed the love between the people, the solidarity and generosity.

As Martí admired Bolivar, so lived these men, pride of America, from which we will always be grateful for the contemporaneity.

Undefeated in their battles they shared great projects; they returned the hope to the peoples, the light to the dark and the letters to the ideas.

The Latin American Integration rises with these two greats of humanity. Men join the giant task, but there is friendship. Fidel and Chávez, always firm, always together in the cavalcade through the Andes and the Sierra Maestra’s Guerrilla.

They are present the thousands of neopacinos and neopacinss that will homage, this March 5, the giant of Latin America, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

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