Countless times were the moments we saw together these two greats of the world history: Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, since the 90s, when for the first time, the young soldier arrived in Cuba, until his last visits to because delicate health problems.

How many dreams the made true for the integration of America, how much they contributed to that awakening of unity in the region that today those who only see in their horizon monetary gains are trying to destroy; those who don’t care about the welfare and satisfaction of the people.

But of the many anecdotes and moments, I cannot let go that memorable baseball game, between a team of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, led by Hugo Chavez and the Cuban one, with Fidel Castro, as director.

In a crowded Latin American stadium, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution played a joke on his eternal friend by disguising as veterans, players who were still active in the Cuban classic baseball, including Germán and Victor Mesa, Orestes Kindelán and Omar Linares.

Few times, at least I, had seen Fidel so happy, I keep the video of that game very jealously, because the smile of the eternal guerrilla man and the full enjoyment of that sporting event is a relic within the strong ties of friendship between the two leaders and peoples.

Fidel and Chávez, will be remembered not only for their works and their legacies, but also for their personalities, the love for their peoples and unlimited action to just causes.

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