Havana, Cuba__ The homage to Commander Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías began with the inauguration of the exhibition of photographs Infinite Loyalty, in the House of ALBA Cultural, in Havana, Cubaperiodistas website publishes.

Alí Rodríguez Araque, ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Cuba, stressed that friendship represents one of the highest feelings of human beings, one of the noblest forms of love, such as the one that united two great men like Fidel and Chávez, both symbols of the search for unity among the peoples of America.

He recalled José Martí's devotion to Simón Bolívar and highlighted the enormous coincidences between the ideals of these two heroes, which Fidel and Chavez gave continuity, who gave themselves to their peoples and fought for a better world for all humanity.

Luis Murillo, director of PDVSA Venezuela-Cuba, said that for the Bolivarian Venezuelans it is very difficult and touching to remember the eternal Commander Hugo Chavez Frias, four years after his physical loss, and for that reason they evoke it as a hurricane that changes everythingl and left the fertile soil for a harvest to be made and collected by all men and women of good.

Elena Jimenez, general coordinator of the exhibition, told ACN that it is based on the concept of loyalty, as the one that existed between Fidel and Chávez and that of each of them towards their respective peoples and toward Humanity.

She explained that to organize it, there were selected the best photographs from a wide bank and the most representative of crucial historical moments that the two leaders lived, to which journalistic texts that define and characterize them were added.

She pointed out that the exposition covered from December 14, 1994, when Chávez made his first visit to Havana, until his physical disappearance and included views referring to April 2002, when the coup d'état of the Venezuelan right supported by the governments of the United States and Spain, collapsed.

He also referred to the start in 2002 of the educational missions that solved the serious problem of illiteracy in Venezuela and gave way to the Robinson I and II, the Ribas and Sucre that opened the way of knowledge to millions of compatriots.

Other moments mentioned by Jiménez are the year 2004 when those giants strengthened bilateral ties of cooperation and created the Miracle Mission, which has helped to recover the vision to more than 3 million 470 thousand 206 patients from many parts of the world.

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