Mexico_ Members of the Association of Cuban Residents in Mexico, the Mexican Solidarity Movement (MMSC) and the Island's embassy in this country condemned this Sunday the unjust economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and the new threats of the current president Donald Trump, Granma newspaper publishes. 

The political-sport activity called Un batazo to the North American blockade took place at the Sport Complex Reynosa, of the delegation of Azcapotzalco, and with the presence of Pedro Núñez Mosquera, ambassador of Cuba in the Aztec nation.

Aron Arellano, of the Association of Cubans José Martí, expressed the support of all compatriots residing in Mexico to the top leadership of the Island and its people, which he described as a hero in resistance and firmness against imperialism.

For his part, Jesus Escamilla, a member of the coordination of the MMSC, said that Mexicans want to end the great limitations and damages caused by the siege to the Greater of the Antilles.

He added that Cuba is the most solidary country in America and the world because it teaches to share what it has and not what it has left over.

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