Cuba_ We, professionals, are stronger, we are more creative so we can do our work in spite of so many limitations, said Yamil Pedroso, a student of Hydraulic Engineering at the Technological University of Havana, Cujae, during a parliamentary hearing on the Blockade held on Friday, Juventud Rebelde publishes. 

Summoned by the Standing Committee on Industry, Constructions and Energy of the National Assembly of People's Power, the meeting took place at this center of high studies, where the affectations provoked by the measures of the United States Government against our country were denounced.

Difficulties with the material basis of studies, based on personal anecdotes, were exposed by students and teachers, although the optimism that has always accompanied our people was present.

Dr. Alicia Alonso Becerra, rector of the Cujae and deputy to the National Assembly, stressed in the presentation of the hearing that damages to the country exceed 130 178 million dollars, according to recent data.

She pointed out that the sectors covered by the Parliament's Committee on Industry, Construction and Energy are deeply affected and mentioned as an example that in the last year, in energy and mines, the damages exceeded 122 million dollars, while in industry it exceeds 59 million.

Professor Miguel Castro, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Cujae, referred to the difficulties that teachers have to participate in events or to publish articles in scientific journals, and to obtain updated bibliography for the students.

The students Boris Morejón and Diego Castilla of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, respectively, talked about the material limitations in the laboratories, so they should wait for the practices done in the work centers to discover how certain equipment are.

Fermín Rivas, general secretary of the UJC in the center, argued that despite the limitations this university continues to form professionals of a high academic level, a result of much sacrifice on the part of teachers and the political will of the country.

At the end of the meeting, Santiago Laje, president of the Parliamentary Commission, congratulated the Cujae for being a center of excellence in Cuban higher education, and assured that with the legacy of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, Cubans will follow building the prosperous and sustainable socialism that we have proposed.

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