Mayabeque, Cuba_ For more than 50 years our country has been unjustly and cruelly run over by absurd laws of the United States government. In San José de las Lajas, capital of Mayabeque, scientific development has been affected by the innumerable measures that impede collaborative actions with other regions of the world, Radio Camoa publishes.

Such is the case of the National Center for Agricultural Health, an institution that has the mission of protecting human, animal and plant health inside and outside of Cuba.

Because of the blockade, the worker’s collective of the scientific institution has been unable to receive external funding from Nicaragua for Royalties due to transfers of technologies executed to companies in that country.

In addition, during the year 2016 to date, the participation of Cuban and American specialists in International Conferences based in Cuba or the United States has been impossible.

The center has ceased to enter in the period from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 an amount of 43 million 787 thousand dollars, which has considerably reduced the possibility of having liquidity to ensure the continuity of research actions related to the Biological Control Agents and the STABILAK.

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