Since I was a child I always marched with my mother, her work collective and the livestock breeders of the Guaicanamar Company. I treasured the Cuban flags all year long to exhibit them that day. I loved seeing the tractors adorned with banners, ribbons, streamers and a sample of their best animals. 

The peasants on horseback wore their Sunday clothes and showed their equestrian skills, yes, they were festive days. Twelve years ago it was my mother who accompanied me to the march; you wonder why I remember it too? It was my first day of work in Radio Jaruco, May 1, 2006.

That same day I knew that I was part of a large family, I could not hide my pride, the workers of the plant marched, led and transmitted the party of the proletariat.

During the following twelve years each International Workers' Day we are there to reaffirm our commitment to the municipality, to the people, to the Homeland. But not only with the slogans, posters, speakers, but with the daily work of this press body, which for three consecutive years has obtained the status of National Distinguished Collective of the culture union.

With a recognized work during the coverage days of the passage of Hurricane Irma, in the general elections 2017-2018, in the provincial and national competitions, for each varied, informative space in which we return to our community the confidence deposited during almost 50 years of transmissions.

Today my mother marches in the first block, the one of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, but I do not do it alone, my 21-year-old daughter accompanies me as always, who since eight is part of this group of radiographers.

We will parade with the colors of the flag, representing our union, that of culture, that of the workers of the Cuban press, that of Radio Jaruco.

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