Mayabeque, Cuba_ Only unity makes us strong, Nicolareños repeated in the recently held parade for May Day, a holiday for the Cuban proletariat.  

Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, pioneers and young people, educators, doctors, nurses, peasants, housewives, finally a sea of ​​people marched this morning through the wide street of San Nicolás flying the motto that presided over the mobilization Unity, Commitment and Victory.

The day served to demonstrate our capacity for struggle and conviction of victory to the world.

This May Day the inhabitants of San Nicolás showed that when defending sovereignty and independence they grow up against the enemy with the strength that Fidel left them.

More than five thousand 500 residents of the territory marched through the main avenue and expressed their commitment with the Revolution, the new direction of the State and the government, Raul and the Cuban Communist Party.

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