Mayabeque, Cuba_ 18 years after the definition by Fidel Castro of the concept of Revolution, Mayabeque ratified the unity of the Cuban people and the commitment to overcome the results in the economic order.  

Thus it transpired in the parade this May Day at the provincial capital, chaired by the First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Salvador Valdés Mesa.

"This young province once again demonstrated its support for the Revolution, the continuity of the construction of Socialism, the Party and the historic generation," Valdés Mesa said.

Mayabeque arrives at this commemoration with favorable indicators in agricultural, industrial and construction materials production.

Among the best results stand out the17 consecutive years in which the Oil Drilling and Extraction Company have reached more than 1 million tons of fuel for the national electric power system.

The Base Business Unit Roberto Coco Peredo, belonging to the Western Mining Company, excels in the production and sale of calcium hydrate.

The workers dedicate these achievements to tis May Day, a favorable context to honor the historic leader Fidel Castro and the revolutionary process.

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