It is an agency responsible for directing, executing and controlling the application of State and Government policy regarding the security of the State and the internal order of the country.

It was created by Law No. 940 of June 6, 1961, replaced and extended to the then Ministry of Government, inherited by the Cuban Revolution, from governments of the former Republic. The bodies and structures that form part of MININT fulfill functions of citizen security, and the establishment of internal order.

According to the provisions of Law 940 of the Council of Ministers, the Department of Information (G-2) was assigned to the Ministry of the Interior as General Directorates, which would be renamed the State Security Department, the National Revolutionary Police and the Maritime Police , which until that time were part of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The Direction of Judicial Investigations of the Ministry of Justice also was extinguished by this law, and its functions were transferred to the MININT.

The future pillars of the defense of the Revolution: the Revolutionary Armed Forces, derived from the Rebel Army itself; the National Revolutionary Police and State Security, with a background in the Rebel Intelligence Service (SIR); The Department of Intelligence of the Rebel Army (DIER), and the Rebel Police
began to be organized since the times of the Sierra Maestra.

Already from the stage of the insurrectionary struggle, several attempts at penetration by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the intelligence bodies of the Batista regime, and concerted plans by one and others to assassinate Fidel in the first place, were Prevented by that protective shield, firmly sustained from the beginning with the support and collaboration of the people.

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