Havana_ The proposals of pre candidates to provincial delegates and deputies for their corresponding territories will be consulted from this Friday on with the 12 thousand 515 delegates of constituencies elected in the first stage of the general elections in Cuba, Radio Havana Cuba publishes. 

During the process, scheduled to be extended until January 14, the municipal delegates will be able to show their agreement or disagreement with the proposals made by the provincial and national candidacy commissions.

According to information from the National Candidacy Commission (CCN), after 970 plenary sessions of the mass organizations in the country, 12,640 people with conditions were proposed to integrate the provincial assemblies of People's Power and Parliament, in its 9th Legislature.

After the constitution of the municipal assemblies on December 17, 2017, and with a view to the second stage of the general elections, the CCN works on the analysis of such propositions, in addition to the preparation of the biographies that will then be exposed for the knowledge of the voters.

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