Moscow_ Russian President, Vladimir Putin denounced today that the provocation orchestrated by the Ukrainian Navy was an action by President Piotro Porosenko that only feeds the tension between Moscow and Kiev, Prensa Latina reports.

Putin said the maneuver of the Ukrainian war ships was carried out in Russian territorial waters, even before the return of Crimea to this nation in March, 2014.

Despite Russian waters were violated, we proposed them a guide ship to transit by our maritime zone, but the Ukrainian boats did not respond any of our calls and readied their weapons while maintaining their course, said the Russian president.

The application of martial law, after the incident at sea, speaks clearly of the intentions that Poroshenko had from the start, to provoke the referred incident, said Putin.

The Russian Head of State considered that the martial law imposed in the Ukraine has nothing to do with a measure to reduce tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The Supreme Rada (one-chamber Ukrainian parliament) after a strong discussion approved with a little over 270 votes in favor ansd 30 against, Poroshenko's decision to impose martial law, but instead of 60 days as demanded the head of State, parliament approved it for only 30 days.

However, analysts recall that the Ukrainian president can extend the period of the stage of exception for an indefinite time.

Elections are scheduled for next March 31, as it was expected, many politologues doubt that will happen.

The provocation in Russian waters of the Black Sea and the entrance to the Kerch strait, it seems had the purpose to attempt improving the situation of Poroshenko in view of coming elections, in which he could lose to the former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko.

Also, Kiev created a situation in which it put in doubt an approach between Moscow and Washington with the planned meeting between Putin and his peer of the U.S., Donald Trump, in Buenos Aires to start next Saturday, at the summit of the Group of 20.

Poroshenko even launched the idea that war planes and ships of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should go to the Black Sea and near the Kerch strait to guarantee what he considered as security in that region.

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