Moscow_ Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree Monday to end his country's adherence to the Medium-Range and Short-Range Nuclear Weapons (INF) Treaty by denouncing its violation by the United States, Prensa Latina reports.

The decree indicates this step is based on the need to take immediate action in the face of Washington's violation of its obligations under the Treaty between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States.

The decision corresponds to the agreement signed on December 8, 1987 on the elimination of medium- and short-range missiles. According to Clause 4 of Article 37 of the Federal Law dated July 15, 1995, on Russia's international treaties, the application of the INF is suspended until the United States eliminates violations of that arrangement, Putin notes.

The Head of State directs the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send the nations parties to the treaty, referred to in the decree, a notice of the suspension of its implementation.

The 1987 compromise referred to missiles with a range of between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, based on land.

At that time, the Soviet Union, unlike the United States, lacked rockets of that rank in airplanes and warships.

Putin recently warned that in case of Washington's withdrawal from the INF and the deployment of thousands of the aforementioned range near the Russian border, Moscow will apply symmetrical measures to guarantee its security.

He also clarified that Russia develops armaments so that, in case of an attack with missiles sent from Europe, not only the launch ramps can be eliminated, but also the territories from which those rockets are controlled.

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