United Nations_ A group of activists from the United States, who visited Venezuela a few days ago, today pledged to make known what is not seen in the US media about the reality there, Prensa Latina reports.

According to the UN-accredited press the anti-war activist Sara Flounders, there is a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation of what is happening in that country, seriously affected by the unilateral sanctions and the hostile actions of Washington.

The government has an agenda, but the American people are against any step that implies a war against Venezuela, he said.

There are more and more 'fake news' reported about Venezuela in the US media, while the administration of Donald Trump says that to 'defend democracy' in that territory all options are on the table, she added.

In the opinion of Flounders, it is an insult to Latin America that the US government - with its history of coups d'état and interventions in the region - is shrouded in the rhetoric of democracy.

Meanwhile, in Venezuela thousands and thousands of people demonstrate in the streets their support for President Nicolás Maduro, and every Saturday massive demonstrations take place, she said, recalling her impressions of the visit.

Now that nation faces sabotage against its electrical system, which damages almost the entire territory, she warned.

Flounders recalled that after the hurricanes Irma and María, Puerto Rico was completely without electricity and for months, many communities had to live without that service.

Venezuela restores it in just a few days, although those attacks against the national energy system have become more frequent, he added.

Some are also worried about the migration of Venezuelans to other countries in the region, which is completely logical considering all the pressure against the welfare of that people, she said.

But they forget that the wars promoted by the United States all over the world are the main cause of displacement and migration in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Libya ..., she said.

The impact of Washington's sanctions against Caracas on the population was what most impressed the representatives of the North American civil society during their visit.

The pediatrician Margaret Flowers, of the Popular Resistance movement, described that due to the sanctions there are great problems to obtain some medicines: 'it is incredible the network of solidarity that they establish among them to find them', she said.

Likewise, she was pleasantly surprised by the numerous clinics built in the most humble neighborhoods. Not only did they build new health centers, they also built schools, universities, homes, she added.

The Government of Caracas is promoting health, education and food distribution programs that seek to benefit the most vulnerable populations, she said.

It is precisely these people who are most affected by US sanctions, observed Flowers. That is why we must educate the American people about the reality in Venezuela, she said.

Last Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House to reject hostility against that nation and condemn the next meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 

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