Quito_ The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, announced that he will return to his country on Thursday to campaign for the No to the popular consultation and referendum, convened by President Lenin Moreno, scheduled for the upcoming February 4.

During a radio interview, the leader of the Citizen Revolution insisted that question three of the constitutional consultation (Council of Participation) intends to give a coup d'etat, by seizing the main functions of the country, Telesur highlights.

The perfect dictatorship, he said, while reiterating on behalf of his party Alianza Pais that they will promote the No so much for question three, as for questions 2 (indefinite reelection) and 6 (metal mining).

"What to do? Fight, awareness, a challenge, this consultation is unconstitutional, those responsible for that will have to pay, they are drunk with power," he lamented.

The former Ecuadorian president pointed out, also, that some of the questions of the referendum and the popular consultation articulated in six sections: corruption, presidential re-election, surplus value, nature, mining and sexual crimes against minors, are fillers for the key points of that process.

He denounced that if the questions of the popular consultation are approved, they will persecute all the historical leaders of the Citizen Revolution. "Those people are not with us. We have a constitutional impostor who in ten years said to support the Citizens' Revolution”, Correa said.

More than 13 million voters must participate on the election day, there will be 1,556 electoral precincts throughout the Ecuadorian territory and 21 abroad, organized by the consulate of each country.

The referendum was raised by Moreno to decide, among several issues, whether to inhabilitate condemned for corruption to participate in politics and to end with the indefinite re-election, a possibility that would prevent Correa from returning to the presidency in 2021.


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