Mayabeque, Cuba_ Today we are commemorating the 147th anniversary of the execution of the eight medicine students, who paid with their lives the hatred of the Spanish colonial government, prevailing at that time in Cuba.

They were shot a day like today of the year 1871, condemned without evidence, for a fact that the youths never committed, desecrating the tomb of the Spanish General, Don Gonzalo Castañón.

More than a century and a half of that lamentable act of cowardice, which took place in the esplanade of La Punta, in Havana, Cubans pay tribute to these students as faithful followers of their legacy, which save lives inside and outside the country.

The new generations of doctors trained in the Caribbean nation, show the internationalist and disinterested gesture, as a worthy example.

On such a heartfelt date, let us remember those innocent young people, with the satisfaction of carrying within them the most just values ​​of humanity, that for which many of our compatriots struggle, because with just saying the word Cuba, the heart beats.

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