Mayabeque, Cuba_ The protagonism of the workers in the work during the campaign, the performance in the industries and cane plantations, as well as the availability of the machinery to achieve high results, were key issues in the Provincial Balance of the Union of sugar workers.

The exchange led to the debate on attention to man, emulation, quality of the manufacturing process and the decisive role of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR) in industrial efficiency, in this sector with wide possibilities to substitute imports.

According to the General Secretary of the guild in Mayabeque, Fernando Fuentes, to date they have a production of about 51,700 tons of sugar.

The contribution of this line to the economy of the country is significant, that is why it is essential to redouble efforts in that sense.

The Secretary General of the Extraterritorial Bureau of the Sugar Trade Union, Yalauri González Núñez, affirmed that the commitment is to contribute 2223 tons above the agreed upon.

The Basic Unit of Agricultural Production (UBPC) Julio Rodríguez, of the municipality of Güines, is an example in the union work in Mayabeque and stands out for the fulfillment of the cane sowing plan.

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