Jaruco, Mayabeque__ The National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) of Mayabeque, recognized the productive and organizational progress of this sector in this territory, Radio Jaruco reports.

ANAP’s president in the province, Modesto Abreu Diaz, emphasized that the municipality is advancing not only in the sale of milk to the State and in the increase of pig agreements, they have also consolidated the political and ideological work throughout the constitution of the Base Committees of the Young Communists League in each cooperative.

Finishing the construction of infrastructures in those entities that do not have today, and improving the conditions of the most deteriorated, which will raise the self-esteem of farmers and staff working in the offices are among the challenges they have.

Also a challenge is to increase the number of members because we have decreased in associates in relation with previous years, it is our task to look for our replacement in the families of cooperative’s members, the official said.

To increase the production volumes of vegetables and grains, to achieve that through the mechanism of the commercialization these fresh foods arrive at the state markets, points of sale and agricultural fairs are part of the strategies.

In the municipality of Jaruco there are 14 cooperatives dedicated mainly to the various crops, sugar cane and livestock.

Today, three of these units sell their productions directly to hotels in Havana and Mayabeque, contracts that report substantial profits to associates.

And with good acceptance they contribute with the feeding of the priority centers of the territory such as the Grandparents’ House, the Maternity Home, the Integral Teaching Polyclinic Noelio Capote and the primary and special education institutions.

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