Mayabeque, Cuba_ Executives and workers of the Provincial Attorneys's Office carry out important tasks related to the improvement of their work, Mayabeque newspaper publishes. 

Mayabeque prosecutors were inserted in public hearings on the electoral system, mounted exhibitions with photographic images to conclude the constructive investments in the premises of Quivicán and Santa Cruz del Norte, in tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The celebration of the 44th Anniversary of the Republic’s General Attorneys Office next December 23rd, and its rendering account to the next session of the National Assembly of Popular Power are among the motivations.

María Caridad Pérez Rodríguez, head of the institution in Mayabeque, points out that this state power body and defender of legality, will report about the compliance with the 10 recommendations made by the parliamentarians during the eighth regular session.

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