Mayabeque, Cuba_ Mayabeque expects an increase of the 16 percent in sugar production compared to the previous harvest. 

For this, it has 1 million 175 thousand tons of cane, in response to the agreements approved in the third plenary session of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), on May 18, 2017 and supported by the National Assembly of Popular Power, the first of June of the current year.

According to guideline 176, the sugar industry as a strategic sector must increase its agricultural and industrial efficiency, as well as increase the production of the grass, modernize the equipment and improve the grinding capacity.

Juan Antonio Góngora, provincial director of Attention to Producers, said that this indicator is fulfilled, there is greater availability of the raw material for the 150 days foreseen in the year and the territory occupies, for the third consecutive year, the first national place for the agricultural yields.

The province has three agro industries: Boris Luis Santa Coloma, of Madruga; Manuel Fajardo, from Quivicán, and Hector Molina, from San Nicolás, the first two already incorporated into the contest.

The Business Unit of Base (UEB) Boris Luis Santa Coloma, the first in the country to start the harvest and the best results in the province, will contribute to the Island's electric power system, from the use of turbos generators, one of the activities also recorded in the Party guidelines.

Mayabeque started sowing with broad-based technology (plantation of two rows of cane in the same furrow), a system that will be extended until the end of 2017 to cover more than 12,000 hectares of land. This will contribute to the quality of the soils, the increase to 30 percent of the yields and the saving of resources.

The Sugar Company of the territory has 12 thousand 13 organopónicos and with a brigade for the installation of the systems of irrigation and repair of the machinery, indispensable aspects to guarantee superior indicators.

The commitment is with the Party, the Revolution and with Fidel, who in 1969 in the act of beginning the harvest of the 10 million expressed: "On this occasion it is required the silent heroism of every day ".

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