Mayabeque, Cuba_ The director of Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) of CITMA, Armando Rodríguez, reported the eight finalist works that aspire to the National Award for Technological Innovation, with an outstanding participation of Mayabeque, Radio Rebelde publishes.

Among the candidates for the prize are: The Health Portal of Cuba, Infomed; Design, Development, Introduction and Generalization of the Diagnosis Parameters for the Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Blood, of the National Center of Biopreparados (BIOCEN) of the territory; National Implementation of a Risk-based Surveillance System for Early Warning of the Introduction of Avian Influenza in the Country, of the National Center for Agricultural Health (Censa).

Also, the Integral Management System of Customs (GINA), of the University of Computer Sciences (UCI); the work elaborated by the Doctor in Sciences Manuel Calviño on the theme Changing the Mentality, of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Havana; Generalization of Two New Drugs: Risperidone 3mg tablets and Risperidone 1mg / ml oral solution and its Impact, from the Center for Research and Development of Medicines (CIDEM), in the Cuban capital.

Also, Industrial Scaling of the Somatic Embryogenesis Technology for the Massive Propagation of Bananas in the Bio factories Network of Cuba, of the Institute of Biotechnology of the Plants of the Central University of Las Villas; and Impact of the Productive Potential of Landrace pigs in the Formation and Greater Adaptation of the Cuban Commercial Maternal Hybrid, of the Porcine Research Institute (IPP) of Havana.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment announces the National Award for Innovation with the aim of highlighting the contribution made individually or collectively by companies and other entities producing goods and services, research centers, universities and other actors.

These annual awards were introduced sincee 1999 so this is the 18th edition. The winners will be informed during the International Convention of Science, Technology and Innovation Havana 2018, to be held in March.

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