Washington: Countries in the region strengthen measures to detect early and respond quickly to possible cases of Covid-19 coronavirus disease, the Pan American Health Organization said.

Rome: Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigú accused the United States (USA) for the theft of oil and the wealth that belongs to Syria, Radio Reloj publishes.

Caracas: The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry delivered to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France a protest expressing its condemnation of the behavior assumed by the French ambassador to Venezuela, Romain Nadal, Radio Reloj publishes.

Tehran: Iran’s President Hasan Rohani said the country will only negotiate with the United States under fair conditions and not with pressures, threats or impositions, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Berlin: Global military spending in 2019 had its highest rise in 10 years, amid growing rivalries between great powers, which the German head of state called "destructive dynamics" on the planetary plane, Cubasí publishes.

Washington: Shortly after being acquitted of the 'impeachment', US President Donald Trump openly admitted having lied during the political trial process he was subjected to for abusing his position to harm a possible opponent in the 2020 presidential race, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.