Santiago, Chile_ The investigation being carried out by the special envoy from the Vatican in Chile has expanded beyond the original denunciations of sexual abuses committed by ministers of the Catholic Church, Prensa Latina reports. 

After being discharged from hospital last Friday, after undergoing emergency gall bladder surgery, Monsignor Charles Scicluna, bishop of Malta and Pope Francis' envoy, resumed his work in Santiago.

Although his main mission is to determine if the bishop of Osorno (southern Chile) was an accomplice to the sexual transgressions committed by the dismissed Priest Fernando Karadima, the prosecutor from the Vatican has gone further.

On Tuesday, he met with Isaac Givovich, the spokesman for the victims of alleged sexual abuses in schools of the Marist Brothers in Chile.

'We had a good impression (...) we have been heeded. It is another step towards justice,' said Givovich, who was abused at the age of six.

I was called by the secretariat of the Nuncio to meet with the bishop of Malta to provide the testimony on my situation and the situation that we have lived due to the ecclesiastic sexual outrages in the Congregation of the Marist Brothers, he commented.

Another key witness was Dr. Juan Concha, who accompanied Givovich at the meeting and who said that since the age of ten, 'I lived an eternal perverse game.'

We were abused in the name of God, Givovich stressed.

Last week, Scicluna met with three members of the group of Lays of Osorno, who oppose the appointment of Barros as bishop of that city.

He will also meet with three priests who worked for Barros.

It was Pope Francis himself who assigned the complicated task to one of the most experienced investigators of the Vatican, in a position that showed the change of attitude of the Supreme Pontiff after unfortunate chapters in Chile.

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