Brasilia_ Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will also have today an unfair, selective and political trial in the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) of Brazil, announced the editor of the blog Palabra Libre, Davis Sena Filho, Prensa Latina publishes. 

With live streaming through social networks, the Fifth Chamber of the STJ will judge this Tuesday the habeas corpus presented by the Lula’s defense, so that the sentence to 12 years and one month in jail will not be executed, done the procedures in second instance, as ordered last January by a court in Porto Alegre.

The Federal Regional Court of the Fourth Region (TRF4), located in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, not only increased the initial sentence handed down against Lula by federal judge Sergio Moro, but also ruled that the prison of the former president could be decreed immediately after appreciating the special resources of the defense there.

Reynaldo Soares da Fonseca (president of the Fifth Chamber of the STJ), Felix Fischer, Jorge Mussi, Ribeiro Dantas and Joel Ilan Paciornik will go, strategically, to follow irresponsibly the bad steps of the TRF-4 and Moro and will create a big lie and indissoluble, said the blogger.

These judges, he stressed in a commentary published the day before, will make from the habeas corpus an electoral platform that serves the interests of the Brazilian right, which once again conquered power in a criminal manner, using the manipulation of the law to take control of the State.

Lula - Sena Filho remarked - was already judged by the people and acquitted, as evidenced by the surveys that place him as the most admired politician in Brazil, with 42 percent approval, more than 10 times what the current tenant of the Planalto Palace, Michel Temer (4).

Like any instrument of the bourgeoisie, the STJ will not listen to the people and Lula will be imprisoned or removed from the elections next October, "but not from the heart of the Brazilian people," he said.

The trial today in the STJ will take place a few days after the Tenth Criminal Chamber of the Court of Justice of Sao Paulo confirmed the acquittal of former treasurer of the Workers Party (PT) Joao Vaccari and 11 other people in the case of alleged deviations of the Cooperativa Habitacional de los Bancarios (Bancoop).

The investigation used to punish Vaccari and the others was the same one used by federal judge Sergio Moro to convict Lula in the first instance and who also supported the second instance of the conviction, even aggravated, of the TRF4.

However, and in the opinion of the columnist for the digital newspaper Brasil 247 Paulo Moreira Leite, the chances that the STJ will grant habeas corpus to Lula today are null.

'The plenary is so unfavorable that a defeat does not need to be counted. It will be a hundred percent expected, "he wrote.

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