Moscow_ Russian Minister of Defense (Mindef) confirmed today the death of 27 officers, including a Major General, in the accident of an AN-26 plane in a landing maneuver at the airbase of Jmeimim, Syria, Prensa Latina publishes.  

The airplane made a flight from the Kvaires air base, in the Syrian region of Aleppo, to Jmeimim, in the Latakia province. All the crew on board was military, indicated the Mindef.

The eve, it was known that 33 were the deceased and not 26 as was previously reported, after the catastrophe, besides the six crew members, including the captain of the AN-26, who had three thousand hours flying experience and several landings at Jmeimim, the ministry highlighted.

Sources near the investigation said the first results of a search in the disaster area allowed finding one of the black boxes of the plane, which, according to witnesses, made unusual movements during landing.

Russian president Vladimir Putin offered the eve his most profound condolences to relatives of those deceased, and to the military personnel of the Ministry of Defense for the loss of their fellow team members.

Putin, who was visiting the region of Sverdlovsk, received the information by phone from the Ministry of Defense Serguei Shoigu, indicated capital television.

The accident occurred at 15:00 (local time), when the plane crashed, some 500 meters before reaching the landing strip of the Russian air base, said Mindef sources.

All seems to indicate that a technical failure occurred, as there was no external circumstance capable of influencing the flight of the AN-26, highlighted the official source.

A Mindef commission will investigate all possible versions of that disaster.

The Jmeimim air base, together with the sea supply point of Tartus is part of a cooperation agreement signed by Damascus and Moscow so that Russian forces could use those facilities for several decades.

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