Damasco_ The president of Syria, Bashar al Assad affirmed today that Turkey, France, Great Britain and other European countries supports the terrorism that beats Syria and Irak, Juventud Rebelde publishes.

“Terrorism is the real problem. We have to fight it worldwide, because it not only affects Syria, it is also present in Irak and it is directly supported by Turkey, by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, as well as by part of the western countries, specially Framce and Great Britain”, Assad said.

At the same time, he denounced the nations already mentioned because of hindering the adjustment of the Syrian Conflict and bet for the Defeat of his army in the fight against the terrorists groups in his country, to impose their conditions in the peace negotiations in Geneva.

The Russian Ministry of Defense have already denounced also Ankara, because its help in allowing the illegal entrance of the armed yihadists of the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations.

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