Caracas_ Electoral authorities, political parties and the Venezuelan people are ready today to face the election of the President of the Republic on Sunday, May 20, Prensa Latina reports.

After the electoral silence that marked the end of the campaign last Thursday, the authorities intensified the work for the deployment of the polling stations and the necessary logistics to guarantee the exercise of the vote in the 23 states of the country and in the capital district.

This Saturday states such as Anzoátegui (95 percent) and Lara (86 percent) had almost completed the installation of the polling stations and were preparing to have everything ready to open 100 percent tomorrow, Sunday, while others like Nueva Esparta were at 100.

Everything is ready for the exercise of the vote, the most sacred act that a citizen has, according to the opinion of the former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez, one of the international companions who are in this country.

The politician expressed his full confidence in the freedom that the Venezuelans have to pay, a condition that he foresees to see again in the elections of tomorrow, when the President of the Republic and the members of the legislative councils will be chosen.

'On Sunday we will be in the polling stations (voting centers) verifying if the Venezuelans vote freely, I have no doubt that they will vote freely, because the vote is the most sacred act that a citizen has and it is very difficult for a citizen accept to vote under blackmail, threat, it is very difficult, 'he said.

'Venezuela does not need fiscal or oversight'; on the other hand, it really requires 'positive accompaniment, discussing what needs to be discussed so that elections are as democratic as possible,' he said.

However, in a gesture of goodwill, the authorities invited international organizations, academics, communicators, political figures, and the judiciary to observe the process that Western countries allegedly attack due to their lack of transparency.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Maikel Moreno, held a meeting yesterday with the international accompaniers and ratified the commitment of the institution to the country's democracy.

These elections are a clear sign of political participation and an exercise of absolute sovereignty of citizens, who through direct and secret ballot will choose the candidate of their choice, he said.

This May 20, he said, Venezuela will send a message to the world through the exercise of the vote, with a transparent electoral system and noted that despite the international attack, the highest Venezuelan court remains attached to the constitutional order and laws to preserve the peace and democracy of the country.

On the other hand, the Vice President of Government for Communication and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, stressed that the democratic essence of the country placed him as the target of attacks and aggressions by some governments.

He stressed that 'it is very curious that perhaps we also hold the world record for being the only nation in the entire world that is attacked for convening electoral events, electoral events also characterized by the absolute transparency and development of the elections.'


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