Damascus_ Any foreign presence in Syrian territory without the consent of the Damascus government is illegal and violates the laws of international law, a government source warned today at a meeting with a European parliamentary delegation, Prensa Latina reports.

After receiving a delegation of assembly members from that continent, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Sosan, said that Syria, while promoting the departure of Western aggressors from its territory, develops the fight against terrorism.

Sosan referred, on the other hand, that the triumphs of the army against terrorist groups, which receive the support of the United States and other Western countries, constitute a triumph for humanity.

After more than seven years of confrontations against radical gangs, government troops have managed to control more than 70 percent of the national territory to date.

Even northern areas such as Hasaka and Raqqa remain under occupation by aggressive US military forces, who use the protected Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-Arab alliance, as cannon fodder in those territories.

According to the News Agency Sana, during the meeting the European delegation made clear its support to the Syrian government and people in their goal of exterminating the radical groups.

On a tour the day before in Aleppo, a province located some 360 ​​kilometers north of Damascus, representatives of the European parliamentary delegation denounced that Syria faces a brutal war imposed by Western powers.

The president of the European parliamentary committee, Udo Voigt, said that behind the war imposed on this Arab country are countries such as the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

He noted that they support those states, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

Other members of the assembly, including Croatian parliamentarian Zaago Glasnowick, argued before the media about the lifting of the unjust economic sanctions imposed by European governments against this Arab country.


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