Moscow_ Russia accused today former agents of CIA and the State Department to be after the filtration of Panama’s Papers that accuse persons closer to President Vladimir Putin of being involved in tax haven societies, Cubasi publishes.

Although Putting is not the facto included in the investigation, it is clear to us that Russia is the main objective of this filtration as well as our President”, stated Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin spokesman.

Peskov assured that in the so called journalistic community there are many former agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the State Department of the United States.

The main objective of that misleading information is our president, especially in the context of the closer parliamentary elections and the long term possibility, I’m talking about the presidential elections to be held in two years”, Peskov explained during a press conference.

According to Panama Papers, the release of documents involve 140 personalities with societies in tax havens, some of them closer to Putin who would have deviated about two thousand million dollars with the help of banks.

Among the names mentioned is Serguei Roldouguin, a childhood friend of Putin, whose companies would have bought important sectors of Russian economy.

Head of States, active and in retirement, politics, businessmen, sportmen, actors or artists of world fame appears as holders or linked to societies registered in a tax haven in the big release of information from the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama.

Peskov concluded that the release of information which involves persons close to president Putin, is only looking to destabilize Russia.

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