New York_ US President Barack Obama is expected to meet a large international agenda this year with visits to European and Asian nations, as well as Colombia and Peru with possibilities to visit Cuba, Radio Rebelde publishes today.

The agenda includes two European and two Asian countries, and possibly two in Latin America, said deputy National Security advisor Benjamin Rhodes.

Obama´s visit to Peru has been confirmed for November to attend the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum, said Rhodes, but he could still make an extra visit to Latin America in March that would include his trip to Havana.

Obama will reportedly visit Colombia in March to express his support of the peace process in that country, and he plans also to visit Argentina, where the recent election of President Mauricio Macri paves the way for better relations between Buenos Aires and Washington.

According to Rhodes, Obama will work to strengthen the US position in The Americas, including the normalization of relations with Cuba, where Washington is using different methods for its political strategy towards the island following the failure of previous US policies by successive administrations to undermine the Cuban political system.

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