Caracas_ Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has urged the members of the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Jpsuv) to extend the analyses of the Third Youth Congress from today until December 31, Prensa Latina reports.

In the closing plenary of the socialist youth meeting held on Monday in this capital, the Venezuelan president described the debates as productive, and exhorted them to concrete proposals for the future with debates in grassroots political organizations.

Maduro also called on the revolutionary youth to work for the Economic Growth Program and to have total success in the recovery of Venezuela's financial equilibrium.

On his part, Pedro Infante, member of the national leadership of the Jpsuv, reviewed the national event and stated that 'we have fulfilled the objective of having a broad congress' where the bases of the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity Plan were discussed.

The also Minister of Youth and Sports also emphasized that in the working days begun on September 9, the participation of young people in the inspection of the prices agreed by the Executive was analyzed, as well as establishing communicational strategies to confront the imperialist attacks against Venezuela.

They also supported the Back to the Homeland Plan, a government program that so far has helped the return of 2,780 vulnerable conational in several countries of the region.

At the end of the Jpsuv plenary session, the head of state proposed Rodbexa Poleo, as first secretary general of the youth organization, a decision unanimously approved by the 1,600 delegates of the socialist conclave.

During the speech, the top leader of the PSUV assured that he wishes to grant the Venezuelan woman a leading role within the political power.

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