Beirut_ The designated Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri, stoked the fire of discord in the formation of the Government with a rhetoric aimed at holding the Islamic Resistance or Hizbullah responsible for the delay of that process, Prensa Latina reports.

Hariri blamed Hizbullah for the most recent obstacle to installing the Executive, arguing that, as head of the Sunni Muslim party, Corriente Futura, he knows what suits that religious confession.

"I am the father of the Lebanese Sunnis”, he told a plenary to reaffirm his position on denying six independent deputies of that creed access to a position among the 30 cabinet ministers.

The resistance and the Amal movement, of the Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri, support the request of the Sunni sextet not affiliated to the Future Current, and reject it Hariri and the head of the State, Michel Aoun.

According to analysts, the designated prime minister walked through red carpets in Paris during an international conference for peace, but in Beirut he does so because of the chaos of keeping the creation of an Executive in the dust.

This process is ongoing for its sixth month and there is no solution in the immediate, every time of this recent episode that marks the insistence of one and another side to prevail, while the population and the economy shout for a Cabinet in functions.

Of the decisions of an official government, depend the 11 billion dollars that donors and governments promised in soft loans to Lebanon during the conference Cedar, held last April, in Paris.

The country collapses with a public debt of 83 billion dollars and there is hope that with the Parisian commitment begins a reactivation in investments and projects.

However, Hariri prefers to remain in his thirteen to not give in to the request of the six independent deputies and passes the ball to Hizbulah, as they would say in sports slang, when in reality the solution of that issue in his hands by Constitution.

In any case, he does not understand that the story has changed in some way with the general elections last May, when part of the voters turned their backs on the Future Current and granted their approval to other Sunnis.

The recent statements of the designated prime minister do not contribute to build ties of understanding within a society that, because of its political and religious diversity, needs a unifying discourse and not the sectarian one.

Lebanon prides itself on its confessional variety, but instead of seeking strength of that status, politicians open themselves up in their positions and turn the democratic exercise into a nightmare.

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