Damascus_ Violations to the truce in Idlib and the U.S.-led coalition bombings in Deir Ezzor grow tensions in those Syrian regions, according to information released on Friday, Prensa Latina publishes.

Not only Syrian military sources but also the Center for Reconciliation, in the Russian Hemymin base, in Latakia, reported continued violations of extremist groups in areas planned for an Idlib detente region.

Both parties acknowledge that the agreement between Russia and Turkey is not fulfilled, which provided for a demilitarized zone of a depth of 15-20 km controlled by Turkish military forces and the Russian Military Police.

The extremist groups did not withdraw their heavy weapons and on the contrary they continuously attack regions in Idlib and others adjoining with Aleppo, east, Latakia, west, and Hama, south.

Almost simultaneously, the U.S.-led coalition once again launched air strikes in Hayyin and al-Shafaa in eastern Deir Ezzor, killing at least 23 people among civilian population, according to sources.

The aforementioned coalition insists on those actions that have taken place four times in the last two weeks, killing about 100 people, and causing great material destruction.

Moscow and Damascus described as unacceptable the fact that contrary to the preliminary agreements, the Americans implicated the group Jaysh Maghawir al Thawra, or the Revolutionary Commando Army, to guarantee the safety of their convoys at the camp in the Rubkan area.

This field, where more than 50 thousand people live, including five thousand mixed extremists and blackmailers of the displaced, according to reports published by the media, is located less than 20 kilometers from the illegal US base of Al Tanef, next to the border with Jordan.

The United States and its allies do not allow representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent to pass to Rukban and in practice limit the arrival of assistants, in addition to facilitating terrorists to control them and to use civilians as human shields.

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