Beijing_ The expected meeting of China and the United States ended with a pact to stop the imposition of restrictive measures and harmful tariffs on mutual imports, which is a truce to their trade war, Prensa Latina reports.

As planned, Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump came to the negotiating table in person in the context of the G-20 summit, based in Argentina, to analyze a bilateral dispute that keeps the whole planet worried because that involves the first and second power of the orb.

The Chinese delegation told the Xinhua news agency at the end of the talks, that both parties reached important consensus such as avoiding an increase in the limitations on their companies' businesses and stopping applying additional tariffs to imported goods, as well as seeking immediate and consensual solutionsl to conflicting issues, based on respect, equity and benefit for both sides.

China pledged to resolve the concerns generated by the deepening of its reform and opening-up policy, while the United States will also correct Beijing's economic and trade concerns.

Both Xi and Trump ordered their negotiating teams to intensify the consultations and to close once and for all an agreement that leads to lifting the levies applied since last June and to normalize relations in this sector.

The result of the Xi-Trump meeting shows that communication is the best tool to stop any type of discord, especially in economic matters, as there are many interests at stake and no one will take home a win.

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