Caracas_ The Caraca’s Foreign Ministry rejected today the interventionist reactions of Costa Rica which, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, questioned the work of the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ by its Spanish initials), Prensa Latina reports.

A statement issued by its counterpart urged to respect the results of the parliamentary elections held on December 6, 2015 in Venezuela, at the decision of the Supreme Court to provisionally suspend the proclamation of four elected state legislators in the southern Amazon province due to irregularities during the voting.

The Venezuelan ministry called impudent and unacceptable that pronouncement, in violation of the national sovereignty, self-determination and the non-intervention in internal affairs; in addition to ignoring the public authorities of an independent state.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela calls the Costa Rican foreign ministry statement as an unfriendly act, which demonstrates how the institution acts as a vassal and subordinate to imperial interests of foreign countries, repeatedly and without blushing, against a Latin American country.

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