United Nations_ UN Counter-Terrorism Office chief Vladimir Voronkov, warned Monday today that threat of this scourge is still present throughout the world and a coordinated response in urgently needed to address it, Prensa Latina reports.

The UN high representative pointed out that terrorist actions have increased in recent decades and do not recognize borders or faiths.

'While losing territories, the Islamic State (ISIS) now acts as a disguised network at the local level while trying to undermine any form of stabilization on-site,' he said.

They also use the income they earn with their criminal activities and continue as an evolving threat in the Middle, Asia and Africa, he added.

'In Libya, for example, the oil installations are continuous terrorist attacks targets, while in Afghanistan the ISIS controls several networks', he stated.

ISIS launched a series of attacks against a wide range of targets over the past year and is currently trying to expand its networks in Central Asia, the Russian diplomat said.

Voronkov also referred to the challenges arising with the return of terrorist fighters who leave Syria and Iraq to their homelands.

In this regard, he stressed the importance of preventing radicalization and taking coordinated actions to confront terrorism.

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