Madrid_ The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, regretted today that the Catalan secessionist parties are ready to vote against the General State Budgets (PGE) together with the right-wing opposition, Prensa Latina reports.

The Social Democrat leader will face tomorrow the vote of the PGE in the Lower House, which if not approved could lead him to anticipate the general elections, scheduled in principle by mid-2020.

Through several messages in his official account on Tweeter, the president accused the right, embodied by the Popular and Citizens parties and the separatist groups Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña and the Catalan European Democrat Party to 'live better in confrontation'.

The defense of the PGE coincided with the start today in the Supreme Court of the trial of 12 political and social leaders of Catalonia, for their role in the failed attempt to secede from that Spanish region, in October of 2017.

Sanchez opted for these budgets to keep his administration and exhaust the legislature, but ran into the refusal of the pro-independence, which demand to negotiate the right of self-determination, a red line for Madrid.

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