United Kingdom: The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, affirmed through a letter that he is unable to exercise his defense in prison before the attempts of the United States (USA) to obtain his extradition and possibly his death, CubaSí publishes.

In the text, written by hand on May 13 and sent to the British independent journalist Gordon Dimmack, the Australian activist called on everyone who shares his ideals to fight until the day he is free.

"I am helpless and I am counting on you and other people of good character to save my life," said Assange, lamenting that the days on which he could organize his defense were left behind. "Everyone else must take my place," he added.

In his imprisonment inside the British prison of Belmarsh, the founder of WikiLeaks stated that he does not have any type of access to a computer, Internet or other type of reading sources, and that if he succeeded he would only be for half an hour once a week.

"The other side?, a superpower prepared for nine years, with hundreds of people and millions of undisclosed dollars spent on the case," Assange said days before the US Justice announced 17 new criminal charges that raise to 175-year-old the potential condemnation against him.

"The US government or, rather, the regrettable elements that in it hate the truth, freedom and justice, want to open the way to my extradition and death," the activist said before recalling that his journalistic work was seven times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Truth is everything we have," he said.

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