Bogota_ Colombian Justice Minister Yesid Reyes, announced today that this week 16 guerrillas will be set free benefited from a presidential pardon, approved for a group of 30 members of the FARC-EP, Prensa Latina reports.

They are prisoners convicted of political offenses who have no sanctions or investigations for other causes, pointed out Reyes quoted by Radio Caracol, a radio nationwide station.

The minister added that those released will join a social reintegration program.

Since last November 22 the government announced the decision to pardon 30 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP),which initiative was called a gesture of building trust between both parties.

Government representatives and of that rebel group hold talks in the Cuban capital aimed at finding a concerted solution to the internal war, which has left about 300,000 dead.

According to the progress and commitments made by the two delegations, such talks could end this year with the signing of peace.

In previous weeks leaders of the FARC-EP called for flexibility in the process of pardon promised by the end of 2015.

Additionally, on the eve they demanded the Executive to also release members of the security forces, social leaders and fighters whose health condition is considered serious.

More than a thousand prisoners of the rebel group were involved in strikes in various jails to demands improvements in health care and freedom of those endangered by the worsening of the diseases they suffer.

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