Caracas_ The Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, called today to the immediate rising of the North American blockade against Cuba, measure that she described as criminal, Granma newspaper publishes.

It is "a demand of the peoples of the world, which know that this criminal economic, commercial and financial circle against our sister Cuba should cease", the chancellor affirmed.

According to the diplomat, Venezuela will support this October 26 the new resolution project about the necessity of putting an end to the blockade imposed for more than half century against the Island, initiative that will be voted in the United Nation’s General Assembly for the 25th occasion since 1992.

We will support the Resolution without doubts, because we will always be beside the Cuban people that stay firm with dignity”, she said.

The Assembly of the UN demands the rising of the blockade in a categorical way, last year with 191 of the 193 possible votes, only the United States and its allied Israel were opposed to the project.

Rodríguez denounced the impact of the unilateral sanctions of Washington in the bigger of the Antilles and how it hinders its development.

"In spite of the blockade, Cuba remains steadfast, and the Venezuelan people is to its side", highlighted the Foreign Minister of the South American country who met on the eve with the general secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, to assess the situation of the territorial dispute with Guyana, for the Esequibo.

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