Caracas_ The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, said today that armed gangs hired by the opposition attacked the mother and child hospital Hugo Chávez, located in El Valle neighborhood in this capital, Prensa Latina reports.

President Nicolas Maduro ordered the evacuation of the hospital to protect newborns and workers of the care center, the Foreign Minister announced on her Twitter account, in the first hours of this Friday.

'These actions -she said- are supported by right-wing governments, which promote a campaign of discredit with the purpose of creating a favorable scenario for intervention in Venezuela.'

For Rodríguez, 'the small group of governments that have expressed their public support for the Venezuelan opposition has encouraged this vandalism and extreme violence.'

The attack on the health facility, with 54 children inside, is the most recent in the escalation of violent actions organized and provoked in the last weeks by the Venezuelan right-wing.

According to reports from the head of State on April 16, the damages perpetrated by right-wing extremist demonstrators caused losses of at least 50 billion bolivars.

Health centers, Caracas Metro, the electric service system and State institutions are the main targets of the hordes financed by opposition parties, especially Popular Will and First Justice, responsible for the destruction of the leadership of the Supreme Court.


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