Moscow_ Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the West to seek unity with his country in the face of global challenges such as terrorism, when speaking at the 21st St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Radio Havana Cuba publishes.

"We must carry out joint actions to block the harmful development of events in the world," Putin said.

The search for a solution to those challenges should unite us, said the Russian minister, before an audience that crowded the main hall of the Congress Complex of that northern Russian city.

After a question from the moderator about statements against the legitimate Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, Putin recalled that his country is fighting to preserve statist in the Levant nation, to avoid what happened in Libya, Afghanistan or Somalia.

In addition, the head of state rejected at least twice the insistent questions of the journalist of the North American television on a supposed involvement of Russia in interference in the North American electoral process.

The St. Petersburg Forum opened its doors yesterday in this Russian city, with the attendance of about 12 thousand specialists from 130 countries, more than 500 big businessmen, 29 ministers from Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, among others.

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