Bolivia_ The Bolivian youth leader Ronald Limbert insisted here on the importance of the World Peoples Summit to promote the integration of the countries with the objective of fighting against  the injustice, exclusion and discrimination suffered by migrants, according to Prensa Latina.

The general coordinator of the United Socialist Youth of the plan three thousands of Santa Cruz's, considered of vital importance the meeting concluded last night to know closely the experiences of other peoples and cultures, struck by serious social situations.

Limbert mentioned Colombia as an example among those nations, marked by a war of more than 50 years, not sufficiently reflected in the mass media.

He also congratulated Bolivian President Evo Morales for convening an event of great relevance for countries, social and youth organizations, at a time when retrograde policies are betting on the construction of walls to prevent the movement of people.

What is missing now is a greater commitment by society as a whole to Evo's projects to use them in the interests of greater cooperation among peoples and especially among Latin Americans, he said.

He also praised all the initiatives developed by the president since his arrival at the leadership of the nation to recover the dignity of his compatriots, a recurring theme in the work tables of the Summit.

According to the youth leader, in previous neoliberal governments, Bolivians could not count on adequate health care and education, and works to promote road and construction infrastructure throughout the country.

In its Tiquipaya Declaration, the four thousand participants of the global meeting and social activists from 43 countries also demanded the establishment of a new international financial architecture, where multilateral organizations do not exist at the service of transnational capital.

'Harmonious coexistence with Mother Earth and respect for its rights; Assuming that nature can live without humans, but human beings cannot live apart from it, violating their rights and destroying the habitat”, he urged.

Likewise, the summit identified opulence as the cause of the crisis that sweeps across global society and called for a new political parameter of equity.

In a particular way, he pointed out that the migratory crisis, caused by the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor and the unbridled hunger for natural wealth, triggered migratory flows and increased the number of people displaced by wars and climate change to 65 millions of people.



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