Caracas_ Several activities to pay tribute to Hugo Chavez began to take place in Venezuela, since the president Nicolas Maduro asked to celebrate the socialist leader’s legacy, this month, Prensa Latina reports.

In a broadcasted speech, Maduro announced that on March 5th, Venezuela will received the arrival of herad of States and Governments and social activists from all over the world to homage the beginner of the present change process.

The tribute includes cultural activities, chats, and forums with the people’s power at the Mountain Headquarter, where Chavez’s remains rest.

Maduro remembered that the Homeland Plan 2013-2019, guide of the Socialist government for the social transformations in the country, is the political will of Chavez, as well as a rule for the Venezuelan revolutionaries.

“The roots of the present economic measures extend to Chavez’s thought, together with the international projection of Venezuela, the commitment with the human rights, the national sovereignty and social justice” the president added.

On that respect, he stated that the Right pretends to destroy the South American politic’s legacy, but that the Venezuelan people is going to defend it.

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