Caracas_ Deputy Hector Rodríguez for the Patriotic Great Pole (GPP) call today to carry out a big great popular demonstration throughout the country to reject the aggression plans of the national right supported by the United States, Cubasí website publishes.

The head of the Bolivarian Bloc précised that the march summoned for next Saturday has the purpose of defending the Homeland from new hostile measures.

Rodríguez also condemned that during the day the legislators of the Right alliance Democratic Unity Table (MUD) which has majority in that instance, hindered with their vote a resolution that blame President Obama’s decree issued on March, 2015.

That executive order of the head of the White House, extended for all 2016, consider Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threaten for the security of the northern country.

On behalf of the GPP, the deputy Francisco Torrealba asked to repudiate the US president initiative, who expresses the necessity of supporting Venezuela’s sovereignty.

After calling the opposition deputies, unpatriotic persons, Rodríguez left the Federal Palace.

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