Sao Paulo_ The Brazilian Communist Party rejected the request for former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to be detained, which was filed yesterday by a court at the city of Sao Paulo, Prensa Latina published.

“We are in front of another step of the political sectors with public influence that pretend to destroy the image of Lula, great popular leader”, said Deputy Daniel Almeida, head of the communist bloc.

According to some law specialists, the request of imprisonment against Lula is totally absurd and has no legal grounds.

Last March 4th, Lula was victim of an arbitrary detention by the federal polices and subjected to large interrogative periods because Petrobras corruption case, but there were no prove found against him.

Since that moment on, the Brazilian opposition has made the former president the target of permanent and obvious political and media persecution, aimed at demoralizing him and the present government.

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